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China CDC Weekly (Weekly) serves as a platform for China CDC, the national public health bulletin for China, and a platform to promote international collaboration for all issues related to global public health. The Weekly publishes authoritative professional information on national population health, disease and risk factor monitoring, investigation data, and important public health event investigation reports. China CDC will use the Weekly to share views, action plans, and suggestions regarding Chinese and global public health issues and to report relevant research and surveillance data, reviews, and opinions, etc. The Weekly will help guide public health and clinical practices to contribute to China CDC’s professional influence.

The Weekly is managed by the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration, prepared by China CDC, and published by the editorial department of the Weekly set up by the China CDC. The Weekly is funded institutionally, and no advertisements are permitted nor considered.

The Weekly publishes reports every week on Friday. There are no fees required to submit to or publish with the Weekly, and all published work in the Weekly is now available in PubMed Central.

The Weekly readership predominantly consists of public health practitioners, physicians, researchers, educators, students, and news media. It is the China CDC’s primary method for publication of timely, reliable, authoritative, accurate, objective, and useful public health information and recommendations, and China CDC also welcomes domestic and international authors to submit articles that are of sufficient global public health importance.

If you have relevant data, research, analysis, reports, commentaries related to public health topics, perspectives, or any material that may be covered by the Weekly given its previous publication history, you may reach out to and consider submitting a manuscript. Please see our other instructions for more information.


Additional Information for China CDC Weekly

Publication Ethics

Submitted material is subject to the highest standards regarding publication practices. Falsification or misrepresentation of data, plagiarism (including the use of another individual’s published or unpublished ideas, words, or other intellectual property without their attribution or permission), misattribution, citation manipulation, and misappropriation of work are unacceptable and, if deemed to be malpractice, will result in a thorough investigation conducted by the editorial department and relevant leadership using guidelines set forth by the Commission on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The Weekly uses the CrossCheck Plagiarism Detection Tool to identify and prevent instances of plagiarism or other forms of research misconduct. After submission and before publication, submitted papers will be compared against other submitted papers and already published papers to prevent duplication and plagiarism. In the event of the publisher or editors identifying or being made aware of an instance of research misconduct, the Weekly will publish a retraction notice on the webpage of the article and notify all authors and their academic homes/employers. Other corrections, clarifications, retractions, and necessary notifications will be published on the webpage of the affected articles and, if necessary, published as Notices to Readers. 

Information on authorship, peer-review process, conflicts of interest, research ethical oversight, and post-publication errors and corrections can be found here. Any complaints, appeals, or comments may be discussed with the editorial department by contacting

Author Fees, Copyright, and Licensing

There are no fees associated with submitting or publishing articles in the Weekly.

The copyright of published work in the Weekly belongs to the authors, with the Weekly being the exclusive licensee. All works published by the Weekly are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial License 4.0 (CC BY-NC). All published work in the Weekly is open access and freely available; however, any reproduction of text, figures, or tables, should be done after obtaining permission from the copyright holders and be compliant with any requirements the copyright holders may have.

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